Friday 11/20/09- Deadlift "3"

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Trap Bar Deads-
255 x 3
290 x 3
330 x 6

Good Mornings-
Worked up to 135 x 2 sets x 5 reps then back down to the bar.

Planks- 2 x 1 min
Weighted Decline Sit Up-
Got as may on each set as I could with the 30# barbell on my back. When I couldn’t get anymore I dropped it and continued the set with just my BW so that I got 10 reps on every set. Going to work until I can get 3 sets of 10 with the 30#.

Deads were moving fast off the floor so I’m happy with them. The next cycle I’m going to jump my training max by 15 pounds.

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