Updated Training Plan (Revised 12/18/09)

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Since I’ve decided to do a strongman competition I decided it’s time to really get rolling with the weight loss and make my weaknesses a priority.

I’ll be using Defranco’s Westide for Skinny Bastards for my accessory setup and Wendlers percentages for my primary lifts.

Here’s what it’s going to look like:

Week 1/2/3
ME OH Press
ME Deadlift
RE Upper body

Week 4/5/6
ME CG Bench
DE Box Squat
RE Upper

Week 7/8/9
ME OH Press
ME Good Morning
RE Upper

Week 10/11/12
ME Deadlift
ME CG Bench
DE Box Squat

Training days will vary between Monday/Wednesday/Friday each week or Monday/Tuesday/Thursday. The exercise selection is tenative. If I feel like I’m not progressing I’ll pick a different exercise. For right now my concentration is on conditioning and my overhead pressing strength.

Keep in mind that is an experiment on my part. If at some point in the coming weeks I feel I’m not progressing like I need to I will change up what I’m doing. There are several guys at TeamBix.com that I’m going to talk to about how to set up the most effective training program that I can. I really like the principles of Westside training but I may not be able to make it work like I need to.

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