Dieting Mistakes

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There are several common dieting mistakes that people make which this post will hopefully help you avoid.

Before I get to far into this, there is one thing everyone needs to understand is that your body isn’t anything other than a brain what is wrapped up and stored in a survival mechanism. Our bodies haven’t changed all that much over the past 10,000 years other then that we are much sicker and weaker than we were then!

The body is a system built on checks and balances. There are numerous different systems in the body that all have to work together in order for you to actually burn fat. What you have to do is convince the body that it isn’t going to run out of food any time soon and can burn calories freely. One of the odd things about the body is that it functions better as a whole when it’s free to burn all the calories it wants and produce as much heat as it wants. However, it’s can be difficult to get your body into the right conditions to allow that to happen which is why so many dieting plans and dreams never come true.

One mistake that people make is changing to many variables at once. What I mean by this is that they go from eating very inconsistently, and not exercising or sleeping well to cutting back on how much they eat, exercising intensely on a regular basis and often times taking some form of a fat burner on top of all that! What this does is induces quick weight loss in the short term but sets them up for failure in the long run. Once the initial water weight and fat is gone and their weight loss stalls, they have no clue where to go after that to get it going again. Do they drop their calories further? Do they increase the amount of exercise they do? Do they find a new fat burner to replace or add to what they are already taking? By changing that many different variables at once you get quick unsustainable results and you don’t know what exactly was causing the weight loss in the first place.

I believe you should change things in this order-


Get you diet cleaned up over the course of a week or two. Over that time period you can research some training programs (I’d start here- Once you have your diet consistent add in some weight training and cardio to the point where you are losing weight. It’s only at that point that you should add in any type of supplemental fat burners. These help enhance what is already going on in the body, not cause the actual weight loss.

Once weight loss has stalled you have to look at your diet closer or increase the amount of exercise you are doing. Either, it’s one variable to change, and much easier to manage.

The second mistake is just bottoming out your calories right off the bat. Yes, this will induce weight loss, but it will also destroy your metabolism. Despite what some people preach, nobody has one set caloric level to be under to lose weight. Some people will lose weight on 2400 calories will some (such as myself) need to be down below 2000 calories to consistently lose weight. If you know approximately how many calories you are taking in but you aren’t losing weight, cut your calories by around 150 to 250. If you don’t know how many calories you are consuming each day, get a diet log going and find out! Mediocre effort will only produce mediocre results.

Those are my two big tips this week for how to begin your diet. If you are looking for a specific plan to follow or for someone to help you set up your own diet check out the links on the right side of my blog!

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