Fiber and Digestive Health

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Over the past year I’ve really tried to keep track of how much fiber I take in each day as well as how I feel after I eat different foods. Previously I never paid much attention to how the foods I was eating was actually affecting me. I was only concerned with calories and whether or not I was losing weight.

What I found out was that during the times when I made a real effort to get plenty of fiber (both supplemental and from vegetables) not only did I feel better during the day and sleep better at night but I also lost weight at a much faster pace. Part of the weight loss was due in part to the fact that the added fiber helped to remove some of the uncirculating waste in my intestines but also because with removal of what that waste my body was better able to utilize what I was eating. Not only that, but the removal of that waste along with the added fiber helped to balance the bacteria in my digestive tract. This in turn prevented the build up of excess gas which reduced the amount of bloat that I had from some foods.

Where this becomes important the majority of people is that getting plenty of fiber not only keeps your digestive tract healthy but your immune system begins in your digestive tract as well. Regaining the proper balance of bacteria helps to beef up the front line of your immune system and keep you healthy!

As part of my diet renovation in the coming weeks I’ll be making sure to add plenty of veggies into the mix.


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