One Arm Lifts

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As part of the DeFranco WS4SB program, Fridays are usually reserved for either strongman conditioning drills or for more sprint work. Since it’s winter and I’m not running hills and I don’t have any strongman equipment Friday has become a bit of an experiment day. The idea came to me after reading an article by Dan John. Seeing how my posterior chain and abdominal strength are two things I am focusing on I decided to make Friday a “Death by Dumbbell” day. Each day I’m going to start my workout with either dumbbell snatches or dumbbell clean and press. The sets and reps will vary from workout to workout but I won’t go below 5 reps very often. This day will also include ab work and conditioning.

Sample ‘DBD’ Day-
DB Snatch – 4 x 8
Barbell Complex – 4 rounds, 1 min between rounds
Jump Rope

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