Plans for the coming months

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After talking to my diet coach today I’m taking the diet easy today and the next couple days just to give my body a break. On Saturday when we get back from Christmas with my fiances family I’ll be carbing up while I’m at work. From there I’m going to put 100% towards sticking to my diet to make progress as fast as I can.

One thing I have to get better about doing is my fasted morning cardio. I’m honestly not a fan of it but it does help get rid of some extra calories. I very much prefer to use barbell complexes and sprinting as my primary means of cardio. It’s much more effective as well as being more fun.

Here are a couple of complexes I’ve been using-

Power Clean
Front Squat
Military Press

Front Squat
Military Press

Barbell Row
Military Press
Hang Clean

I’ve also stolen several other complexes from people that are much smarter than I am lol. Below are the links to a few articles I’ve borrowed info from-

Rebuild Yourself with Complexes – Dan John

Complexes for Fat Loss- Alwyn Cosgrove

Bezercher Complex – Joe Defranco

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