Odd Object Training

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If you want to pack on some serious muscle mass and get rid of that belly that’s slowly working it’s way out the bottom of your shirt then get outside for some odd object training!

Here’s a list of my favorite and more easily attainable odd objects for the average Joe.

1. Sledgehammer

  • You can pick one of these up at any hardware store in a variety of weights. If you have never used one before, go light.
  • The sledge can be worked with in a variety of ways. Diagonal swings, overhead swings, golf swings, one arm sings just to mention a few.
  • These are going to light up your grip, abs, upper back, help with shoulder stability, and improve shoulder mobility. There’s probably a couple more things it works that I’m forgetting lol.

2. Tires

  • These are FREE people. Tire company’s have to pay to get rid of them so you offering to take a couple off their hands is just fine with them.
  • If you opt for the giant tire (300 pounds and up) you can get a helluva workout just flipping it over and over again. Tire flipping will work everything from your calves all the way to your traps. Literally.
  • If you grab a couple small ones then you have a few more options. You can drag, throw, slam, and carry a car tire. The only thing you need extra is a way to load it with weight. This can be a accomplished with chains, weight plates, sandbags or anything else you have lying around!

3. Rocks/Stones

  • Find a feild or some woods somewhere and more then likely you’ll find a rock that’s big enough thats big enough for you to get a great workout.
  • Clean it, press it, throw it, load it, or carry it. Any way you go about it your going to end up lying in your yard wondering why the hell you ever picked it up in the first place!

4. Kegs

  • You can either buy and empty shell from the liquor store (I’ve heard them as low as $10) or you can buy a full on and empty it yourself lol.
  • These are used much in the same manner as the rocks. The nice part about these is that you can adjust the weights of the keg by filling it with water or sand.
  • Since it is loaded with sand or water that means when try to pick it up, whatever is inside will be moving making it even harder to control.

5. Sandbags

  • You can buy one or make your own. I personally enjoy making my own equipment.
  • Swing it, load it, carry it, clean it, press it, do squats with it, do lunges with it or lay it over your shoulder and try to stand up with it. It doesn’t matter as long as you are pick it up off the ground and moving it!
  • Remember the part about lying in your yard I mentioned with the stones? This will do the same thing.

It’s time to get outside your comfort zone and get some real work done. No more going through the motions of your usual machine routine then hitting the treadmill for an “intense” 30 minute jog that’s just going to leave you with the exact same skinny-fat physique you already have. Begin building the body that you want today!

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