My Epiphany

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Death By Dumbbell/Conditioning Day

DB Snatch-
50 x 5 per arm
65 x 6 per arm
80 x 8 rt arm/ 7 lt arm

Hit some jump rope and some Fartleks around the indoor track at the gym.

Here comes the part about my epiphany. I originally went to the gym to meet up with my two newest “clients”. I put it in quotes because they aren’t paying me in anything except for referrals.

Once I got done taking them through some basics I did my workout and was planning on cranking out a ridiculous conditioning workout but everything I thought of doing sucked. Since I have access to the track then I decided to run some Fartleks (sprint/stride straights, jog corners). Halfway through I realized why I couldn’t decide on what complexes to do that day. I wanted to be outside! I wanted to be out swinging a sledgehammer, dragging the sled, or throwing tires.

Don’t get me wrong, I love lifting and being in the gym but there is something VERY addictive about being outside swinging a sledgehammer, pushing a car, or throwing around sandbags. I don’t know why, but it’s just different from being in the gym using barbells and dumbbells.


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