Dead Mans Hand

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Dead Mans Hand: What will yours look like?

Here’s a quick body weight conditioning workout you can do at home.

You’ll need a full deck of cards (minus jokers) and enough space to perform whatever exercises you choose.

Assign each suit an exercise. What you’ll do is flip through the deck and whatever suits come up you do that exercise for the amount of reps on the card. Here’s a quick example.

Hearts = Jumpin Jack
Clubs = Push Up
Diamonds = Burpee
Spades = Sit Up

Cards 2-10 are face value
Jack = 12
Queen = 14
King = 16
Ace = 20

If you flip a 6 of Hearts you do 6 jumping jacks then immediately move to the next card.

There is one catch though, if you flip 3 of the same suit over in a row you have to do triple what the last card you flipped was worth. If you flip 3 Spades in a row and the third on is the Ace then you do 60 sit ups.

You can really do this with any type of exercise but I truly think you might have to be crazy to attempt this type of challenge with squats or deads in the mix.


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