Yesterdays Training

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Suspended Dips-
BW x 3 x 5 reps

Suspended Flys-
BW x 3 x 6 reps

Suspended Fat Grip Inverted Rows-
BW x 3 x 10 reps

Tire 1/2 Flip ss. Jump Rope
5 flips – 100 skips
5 flips – 100 skips

I made my own blast straps/TRX yesterday so I decided to play with it since once again I had no access to a gym. The tire 1/2 flip was done with the tire laying a foot or two from a brick wall. What I did was try to take it in one smooth motion from the ground up to my shoulders and then threw it as hard as I could into the wall.

Later that evening I had my training class over in the park so I jumped in with them for some conditioning.

Overhead Iso Drag x 40 yards
Hand Over Hand Sled Drag x 20 yards
Backwards Sled Drag x 20 yards
10 Table Jumps
Table Push x 40 yards (20 high/20 low)
(Two rounds total)

Finished off with 2 rounds of flying sledge wings. Basically one person pulls the sled one big jerk at a time and the other has to do a broad jump after it and hit it each time it stops. I’ll get a video of it next time.


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