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Since I haven’t been dropping weight like I want I’m starting to log everything more closely to make sure I’m staying on track like I need to. I won’t log my specific diet on here since I’m working with someone on it but my supplements, sleep, cardio, and training will all be logged.

Current Supplements-
Creatine Mono- 10g per day (strength)
Elderberry- 2 caps per day (for immune function)
AppNut Drive- 6 per day (mood, fat loss, energy)
Phosphatidyl Serine- 300mg per day (anti-stress, nervous system function)
1 DB- 4 per day (weight loss)
USPLabs Jack3d- 1 scoop preworkout

I’m coming to the end of my Drive and I’ll give a review of it once I’m completely done. Elderberry is also getting low. The 1 DB and phosphatidyl serine were both just started in the last week so I have a couple more weeks on those as well. Once again, when I’m done with them I’ll give a full review.


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