Sled Pulling

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I used IronAddicts basic pulling schedule. Since I’m a 150-300 pound squatter (weak as shit, I know) I went with my sled + 60 pounds for 5 minutes continuously. I tried to split as best I could between pulling forward and backward pulling to equally hit my hamstrings and quads. The only rest I took was turning the sled around each time. It was a bit easier today because it’s wet outside so the tire pulled easier on the grass then it normally would. Next week I’ll step up the time a bit.

The pulling schedule that I was basing my numbers/time off of was actually posted a couple years ago by iron addict on his board, He recently posted an update to that schedule where he advocates pulling the sled in intervals (1 min on/1 min off) and focusing progression on the number of intervals done. I’m far from being ready for that type of pulling so I’m going to stick with more steady state pulling for right now and play around with it a bit. I actually started the session with just the tire and walked for about 5 minutes (forwards/backwards) and it got my heart rate up fairly nicely. I may attempt to do some 10-15 minute sessions with the sled only to see how I like it. Over the next couple weeks I’ll work into actually doing intervals.

Total for the day looked like this-

AM- Low Intensity Cardio x 20 minutes

PM- Sled Pulling

Sled x 5 minutes continuous
Sled + 60 x 5 minutes continuous


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