No Gym? No problem….

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I currently don’t have a gym to train at so I’m focusing on odd objects and bodyweight training. Since it was raining and shitty outside I went with just bodyweight today.

Cossack Squats superset w/ Overhead Lunges-
BW x 5 per side – BW x 15 per side x 2 rounds

OH Squats-
BW x 10, 10, 10
Didn’t have a broom stick so I used a towel and made sure to keep it pulled tight the entire time.

After that all hell broke loose and I didn’t really keep track of what I did so I’ll just list the exercises that I did.

Single Leg Box Squats
Single Leg Supported Squats (full ROM)
Handstands (supported)
Jackknife Press
Push Ups
Swinging Push Ups
Swinging Plank
Straight Leg Raises
Swinging Tripods

That was it. Some of them were for only a few reps and others I did a bunch. Next time I’ll keep track and try to be a little more organized with it lol.


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