Shelby Starnes Very Low Carb Dieting E-Book Review

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When I saw Shelby’s post over at EliteFTS about the chance to get his Guide to Very Low Carb Dieting E-Book in exchange for simply reviewing it on my blog I knew it would be well worth the time.

First I have to say that he did a great job of breaking down the basics of low carb dieting. Go to any online forum and you are bound to find multiple threads on zero carb/keto style diets and every one of them is going to have different protocols.

One thing I always enjoy about reading one of his ebooks is that he doesn’t just throw a bunch of half baked information together to sell a product. All of his stuff is backed up by the experiences of himself as well as his clients and is put into the simplest terms possible. You will need a rough estimate of your body fat percentage but aside from that it’s all laid out right in the book. One of the more debated topics of very low carb dieting is the refeed/carb up protocol. In the book he lays out methods for everyone from the most novice dieter to someone with more experience.

For anyone tired of muddling through the internet trying to find that magic bullet diet or doesn’t want to pay several hundred dollars to higher a trainer or if you are just someone who prefers to do it yourself, this book is a must have.

Here is a link to the book-

A Simple Guide to Very Low Carb Diets can be purchased here for only $9.95

I also highly recommend his other books-

Tips and Tricks for Dieting Success

The Troponin Nutrition Macronutrient Guidebook


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