Lean ‘n Mean W1D1

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Ring Dips-
BW x 6
BW x 6
BW+30 x 5
BW+30 x 5

Recline Rows-
BW x 10
BW x 10
BW+30 x 10
BW+30 x 11

Rows were done holding onto a 3/4 inch rope to work my grip.

Conditioning (from The Forged Athlete Circuits Ebook)
Beginner 1
10-25 reps per exercise, 30-90 seconds rest between rounds, Max Holds on Planks, 3 rounds total

BW Plank
Push Up
Alt Drop Lunge
Pull Up/Row
Lateral Lunge/Reach

Since I have a little OCD I decided to do escalating reps and time each round.
Round 1- 15 reps/exercise, 35 second front plank
Round 2- 20 reps/exercise, 40 second front plank
Round 3- 25 reps/exercise, 1 minute front plank


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