DB Madness

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2 sets of Handstand Push Up Practice

DB Clean and Press
50 x 5/5 x 2 sets
70 x 5R/3L
70 x 1/1 x 2 sets

Full Clean and Press each rep
50 x 3/3 x 2 sets

Fat Grip DB Row
100 x 7/7
100 x 10/10

Regular Grip DB Row
120 x 15/15
120 x 10/10

Push Ups
BW x 3 sets x sub max (20, 20, 10)

Sled Drag + Sandbag Carry for distance
Started with 80 pounds on the sled and a 90 pound sandbag and only made it about 30ft before I about collapsed. So I decided I was going to do intervals but only made it another 10-15ft before I had to stop again so I dropped the sled to 50 pounds then went another 20 ft or so and turned around. I made it halfway back with that weight and couldn’t budge it so I dropped it down to 25 in the sled, grabbed my bag and walked the rest of the way back. I would have kept going wit that weight but I tweaked my back a bit when picked the bag up the last time so I called it a day rather then seriously injuring myself. I’m feeling better now but with my history of back issues I didn’t want to chance it.


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