Tire Flipping and a Battle Rope Alternative

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Song of the Day: Fall by Sevendust

 It was leg day again but since I’m still a little sore from the KB swings Monday I thought I’d take it a little easier today.

Tire Flip- 5
Tire Flip + 30# bag- 5, 2, 2

Broad Jump x 2 + 20 yd sprint- 3 sets

Garden Hose Battle Rope x a bunch

I didn’t do any particular sets and reps on the battle ropes.  I just went balls out for a couple minutes and I was ready to puke.  Since the garden hose isn’t that heavy per foot, you need a considerable length of it.  The one I was using was about 12 yards long on each side.  It’s not pretty, but it works!

Cavo Profundus

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