Box Squattin

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Box Squat-
300 x 1 (massive PR)

DB Snatch-
50 x 5 per arm
60 x 5 per arm
75 x 3 per arm

Psycho Complexes-
Hang Clean + Push Press (lower behind the head) + Back Squat + BTN Push Press (lower to chest) x 5, 3, 3

Back in September I free squatted 265 x 2. The most I’ve ever box squatted was well below that so I’m pretty pumped about what I got done today. Since I’ve started training outside I’ve done very little for my legs aside from sled dragging, sprinting, and tire flipping. I’ve done some sandbag squats and things like that but the bulk of the work went into those 3 exercises. Another thing that surprised me was that I had zero back pain/discomfort while squatting today. My first work set was 225 with no belt and I had no problem. I added a belt after that just as a precautionary measure.


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