Are your dental fillings making you sick?

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For anyone out there who has ever had a cavity you probably had the dentist put in a filling.  Well what if those fillings are compromising your immune system as well as you thyroid?

One of the most common fillings used for adults is called an amalgam filling.  The ADA approved their use for everyone except pregnant women and children (sounds a little fishy to me).  What most dentists won’t tell you is that the filling itself is composed of 50% MERCURY.  While everyone was freaking out about mercury poisoning in their seafood, dentists were installing it inside your mouth!

This type of filling is used primarily on the rear molars because it is extremely strong and resistant to wear as opposed to the white composite resin.  It can, however, disrupt a vital enzyme cascade that is needed for proper thyroid function and metabolism. 

What is an enzyme cascade? Simply put it’s a series of reactions that in which an enzyme activates another which in turn activates another.  Without the proper enzyme cascade some endocrine (hormone producing) glands don’t function properly.

The specific cascade that is disrupted by the mercury in your fillings is called the selena-enzyme cascade.  The primary mineral in that cascade is selenium.  Without going into detail, the end product of the selenium cascade is needed for optimal thyroid function (converting T4 to T3). 

When mercury is present in the body, it uses the available selenium to bind the mercury and allow it to be excreted.  Since the body will always protect itself before allowing optimal function, those people that have the constant presence of mercury in their system will always lose selenium as protective mechanism.

Aside from thyroid function, selenium has several other uses in the body.  Among those are being converted into selenoproteins that act as a powerful antioxidant against free radicals and reactive oxygenated species, as well as immune system support.

These fillings can be removed but it has to be done properly so that none of the mercury from the fillings is ingested.

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