The Warrior Diet

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I just got my new diet set up today and I’m excited to give this a go.  This diet goes against EVERYTHING traditional dieting preaches.  I’ll be doing a modified version of Ori Hofmeklers Warrior Diet.  Here are the basics-

2 small UNDERfeeding meals (approximately 300 calories per meal)

1 large OVERfeeding meal at night (2000 calorie range)

I won’t go into all the details about how or why this is supposed to work but it has to do with your nervous system and several hormonal factors.  Now, for those of you saying that you eat like this and are just getting fat, you have to do this style of diet with the proper balance and food choices.  It’s basically all the same clean diet foods I would normally eat, they’re just all eaten at night :).  I’ll report back in a couple weeks with pictures and a review.

For more info on the diet check out Ori’s books; The Warrior Diet, Maximum Muscle-Minimum Fat, and The Anti-Estrogen Diet.


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