The Soul Lifter

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This is an article written by Zach Even-Esh about going back to the roots of why you loved lifting and forgetting all the “rules” that are holding you back.

The Soul Lifter, Part I

By Zach Even – Esh

Lifting can be very scientific, especially when training athletes.

But, what if you’re not an athlete?

Heck, even if you are an athlete, you DON”T have to follow the rules all the time!

Log Throwing
Above, Log Throwing. Who ever said this would get you strong? Sometimes you gotta go AGAINST the grain!

What if you just wanna hit the trails running, doing sporadic things as you run: stone carries, pull ups on tree branches, stone throwing, walking lunges, bear crawls through trails….

Sometimes you gotta ditch the rules, ditch the science and follow your soul, your heart….

What do you FEEL like doing today when you “train”?

You may not know the answer to that question, so the best thing to do is to get going. Get outside….hit the trails….your backyard maybe….the local park and playground….or, load up your car with a kettlebell or two, a sandbag and maybe some thick rope.

Above, Getting’ CRAZY throwing stones & Kettlebells!

Who knows what you might come up with.

I suggest at least once a week, you just gather up all your training equipment that you have at home and put together a workout where you perform at least 1 movement for 5 – 20 reps with each training tool you have.

For Example:

Dumbbell: Snatch + Press Combo
Barbell: Clean & Press + Throw & Repeat
Car / Truck: Push for 200’
Car / Truck: Attach 60’ rope and pull hand over hand
Small Tire: Throw for Distance
Hills: Sprint Up / Bear Crawl Down
Kettlebell: Snatch Throw

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