Warrior Diet Day 1

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Well I’m feeling a little hungry since I’ve only had one meal today but my energy is actually extremely good.  No fatigue or drowsiness.  I would really like to lift today but by the time I get off work it will be time to eat and I’m not missing out on that lol. 

Here’s a little more info of how this diet is set up.  For 20 hours each day I fast or under-eat.  Any meals during this time need to be extremely easy to digest and very low in calories.  Protein powders, fruit and veggies are most commonly used.  Then in the evening I have a 4 hour feasting window where I get to put down a couple thousand calories :).  The evening feast has to be controlled though.  Pizza and burgers every night will just make you fatter.  I have to maintain a good balance of protein, carbs, and fat. 

The best part so far is that I didn’t have to pack 5 meals to drag to work with me.  Just a little protein, some berries, and a shaker cup.  Also from what I hear it’s very easy to drop fat with very little cardio which is always a plus!


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