Warrior Diet Update

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So far on the WD I’m down 2lbs.  Not bad for only being on it for 3 days.  I don’t expect to drop that much fat that fast but it’s good to know my nervous system has made the switch over so it can be effective.  Another thing I like is that if I split my meal at night into 2 separate meals I’m far less bloated and digestion is better then if I try to pound down 90% of my calories for the night in one sitting.

I’m also taking in some specific vitamins and minerals for hormonal support which is supposed to be one of the advantages of this style of dieting.  We’ll see if I notice any differences on this regimen.

Aside from all that I’m also going to try and keep the processed foods to an absolute minimum.  The protein and fat portions shouldn’t be difficult but getting the carbs I need without processed foods may be a little tricky.  For the most part they will all come from veggies, fruit, and Ezekial bread.  I’ve been using a lot of hamburger buns and rolls which screw up my digestion and make me feel like crap.

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