Soul Lifter Pt 2

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Here’s the second part of Zachs Soul Lifter article.

The Soul Lifter, Part II

By Zach Even – Esh

By now, after reading The Soul Lifter Part I, you should have headed out and about and wreaked some havoc

Now, if you’re ever unsure of how to organize a workout and you fear overtraining or doing too much of this and too little of that, fear not Young Jedi…..

I’ll give you a plan to follow and you will stick to the basics. The basics ALWAYS look easy on paper, but, they tend to be the most brutal workouts you ever experienced.

Don’t underestimate what you see below my friend.

Thick Rope Cheat Curls
Above, Thick Rope Cheat Curls with a sandbag, Awesome for Grip Strength and Upper Body Power!

Using any training tool you want from the list below, follow the workout following the list of Underground training tools:

bullet Dumbbells
bullet Kettlebells
bullet Stone
bullet Barbell
bullet Sandbag
  1. clean & press
  2. reverse lunge
  3. floor press
  4. bent over row
  5. RDL (Romanian Deadlift)

    I’m not gonna tell you sets and reps this time. It’s your choice. Get creative, push hard and push heavy.

When Arnold trained as a bodybuilder, many of his workout broke the traditional rules of bodybuilding. He would perform endless sets of pull ups until his grip gave out.

Or….my favorite, Arnold packed up his car with a barbell and 250 lbs. Brought a training partner and then traveled to the woods, squatting endlessly until he could no longer walk! This is what built his TRUE rugged muscle!

There will be no muscle left unturned, no muscle fiber untouched, physically you’ll go through the ringer, mentally, you’ll feel like a Gladiator when you’re done!

That’s THE Thing about soul lifting, you feel like a bad ass and you also LOOK like a bad ass. Training should deliver more than just physical results, it should heal the mind and make you stronger in mind.

That’s what it’s about when you become a Soul Lifter.

Welcome to The Underground World, my friend.

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