Crap Diet Detox

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Over the past couple weeks my diet has been horrible.  We’ve either been eating fast food or largely processed foods.  On top of that I’ve become a fan of the Rockstar energy drinks in the afternoon to follow up my morning coffee.  All that on top of a little traveling has my digestive tract all screwed up.  Like I’d stated in an earlier entry, I’m dropping as much processed food from my diet as I possibly can.  I really want to start incorporating more vegetables and fruits instead of bread for my carb sources at night.  Here’s my tentative plan as of right now-

Stick with Warrior Diet
AM- 1tsp fiber/1 Super Cleanse Tab/2 Global Fruits Caps

PM- 1 cup steamed broccoli to start each nightly feast
Add in whatever veggies I can each evening
Fruits/Rice/Oatmeal as primary nightly carb source

Before bed- 1tsp fiber/1 Super Cleanse Tab/2 Global Fruits Caps

If I feel the need I may add some broccoli or other veggies to my underfeeding meals each day.  For simplicities sake I’ll keep everything the same for now as far as food choices.  I’m also going to drop coffee for at least 2 weeks, cut out the energy drinks all together, and focus my fluid intake on water and green tea.

I’m feeling better today just because of the fasting/underfeeding but tonight might really suck because I don’t have much of an appetite.


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