3 Simple Steps to Body Transformation

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This is going to be a quick one since I’m short on time.  I don’t, however, want anyone miss out on these simple body transformation tips that are incredibly effective and easy to maintain!

What about this says nutritious?

1. Eliminate 1 Poor Food Choice from Your Diet and Add 1 Healthy Food

For instance if you eat a candy bar every day at lunch or a doughnut every morning with your coffee then eliminate that one food, and substitute it with something healthy like a piece of fruit.  Once this becomes a habit that you don’t have to think about everyday, eliminate another poor choice and bring in something healthy.  Over a period of weeks or months you can totally revamp your entire diet without the pain of dropping everything at once!

2. Find of a Form of Exercise You Enjoy
It does not matter what form of exercise you enjoy, just find something you’ll do a couple times each week.  Even if all you start with is going for a 20-30 minute walk a couple times each week, that’s far better then setting on the couch doing nothing.  Start with gradual, sustainable steps that you can build your healthy lifestyle instead of doing something 100% for a week and quitting.  There will always be the discussions and arguments about what type of exercise is the “best” but in the end it doesn’t mean jack if you hate doing it! 

3. Plan Ahead
As simple as it sounds this is where most attempts at a healthy lifestyle falls apart. Plan out a nightly menu each week that is centered around your newly healthy diet and make time in your schedule to get your exercise in.  If you have time to go shopping for crap you don’t actually need or to sit and watch TV every day, then you have time to exercise.

No More Excuses!
Cavo Profundus

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