If It’s Important….

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“If it’s important, do it every day.  If it’s not, don’t do it at all”
-Dan John
Dan John Walking the Talk!!
As simple of a concept as the above statement is, most fail miserably.  When we look at our personal goals we have a problem with figuring out what is actually important.
When looking at a strength or physique goal we overwhelm ourselves with unrealistic, short term goals and lose sight of the long term.  Here’s a simple exercise to help distill the process.
Step 1: Define Your Long Term Goal
The goal should have a definite, measurable, quantifiable end.  “Lose some weight” is not a goal.  Losing 20 pounds is.  “Get stronger”, and “Eat healthy” are not goals.  A 400 pound squat or eating completely organic are.  Make the end specific and give yourself a realistic but definite time frame.

Step 2: Break it into Short Term Goals
Every long term goal is a process.  Break the process into steps by exposing your weak areas.  If you are going on a diet but have always had problems following a regimented diet, make a short term goal of finding 2-3 ways to make it tolerable.  If you are looking at a strength goal find your physical weakness so that it can be addressed.  Once again it has to be a measurable.
Step 3: Track the Short Term Goals
Doing all this means nothing if you don’t track the progress of those short term goals.  If your long term goal is to go to Hawaii, just because you leave your house with your bags packed doesn’t mean you’ll get there if you never make it to the airport.  Accumulating small successful short term goals builds into the success of your long term goal.
Step 4: Find the Common Denominator
Now that you have a long term goal defined and your short term goal mapped out, find what most, if not all, of the short term goals have in common.  That common denominator is obviously critical to the success of the entire goal.  If it’s a diet it may be keeping a positive, upbeat attitude towards where you are currently at, as well as towards your long term goal.  When I’m on a diet the days I’m happy and having fun I have no problem sticking to my diet.  When I’m having a shit day I lose interest.  
Do what’s truly important every day and let the rest of the crap fall where it may.
Cavo Profundus

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