The "If It’s Important" Follow Up

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Now that I posted about the importance of doing the little, and sometimes big, things every single day, it’s time for me to put up or shut up.  Here’s my list of what I’ll be doing every single day in order to reach my goals and help me stay motivated!

1. 50 Squats.  These might be just regular old body weight squats done through out the day or they might be used as part of my warm up for the gym that day.  I’ll mix up the variety with some split squats and you can bet your ass I’ll be practicing the Cossack Squat too.

2. 10 minutes of Metabolic Training.  This may not sound like much but it’s more of a minimum then anything.  The days I work I usually walk the dog of 45 minutes in the morning but I don’t count that as metabolic training.  For example, last night when I got home from work I did my 50 squats followed by 5 minutes of continuous garden hose battle ropes and finished up with 5 minutes of jump rope for the maximum number of reps I could do in that time period.  It could be any number of things but the point is to get my heart rate jacked up and do something metabolically advantageous every single day.

3. Relax.  I’m going to take at least 20 minutes each day just to sit down and get rid of any stress that I have pent up inside me.

4. Read.  I absolutely love to read and it’s something that I think needs to be done every day.  It can be any topic or subject you choose, just read.  When I hit up the library I usually get 3 books and each one is on a separate topic.  One might be a fictional book just for fun and then I’ll grab a couple books that are pertinent to whatever I happen to be interested at that time.

I do also need to note that there was a typo in my If It’s Important post.  The quote actually came from Olympic wrestler Dan Gable.  If you want to see one bad motherf***er wrestle and train check him out HERE.

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