3 Kings: Part 1- The Deadlift

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Why the three kings you ask?  Because there is the squat, the press and the DEADLIFT.  Just saying that last you makes some people knees shake and they break out into a sweat.  The deadlift is a long, slow, torturous grind that makes you strong as an ox with the neck to match it.  I’ve seen people pass out, bleed, and vomit while attempting maximal deadlifts.  With images like that it’s no wonder that ever pencil neck in the gym who wants to get “yoked” spend all day doing 100 different shrug variations and never even once consider doing deadlifts.  Beyond that all you read on 90% of lifting forums is how so and so injured themselves because they were trying to deadlift heavy.

Well, I’m here to tell ya it’s time to grow a pair and start pickin some heavy s***t up off the floor!  Aside from the squat, nothing builds full body strength and power like some good solid deadlifts.  I don’t particularly care how you do them either.  Barbell, trap bar, rack pulls, beyond range, barbells, sandbags, kegs, or kettlebells will do the job.  I also don’t really care what sport you are training for.  Football players aren’t the only ones who need to beasts.  You pair up heavy deadlifts and some explosive movements like box jumps or tire throws and you have a volleyball, basketball, or soccer player with one wicked vertical jump and explosive capacity!

The deadlift isn’t just about pure power and brute force, it can also be a SPEED exercise.  Guess what people, if you can move fast off the floor from a dead stop with a load in your hand, you’re going to be even faster when you don’t have that load in your hand!  Speed KILLS!

Here are the guys from the Diesel Crew with some great tips on cleaning up your deadlift form.

Yours Truly in Action

No Exucses!
Cavo Profundus

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