Participation Trophies Make Me Sick

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I know I’m probably going to get some hate mail for this one but I truly don’t care.

What are we really teaching kids today if we reward them for every little thing they do?

We give them “participation” trophies for sporting events they dont win.  If they aren’t getting a participation trophy then the parents are making excuses why or how the other team cheated.  When they can’t pull the grades in school we lower the standards.  Thanks to No Child Left Behind we aren’t allowed to hold kids back when they don’t make the cut.  We just put them on through to the next teacher so they can take care of the “slow” or “problem” children.

Give me a f***ing break.

We pat these kids on their ass and tell them they’re perfect for the first 18 years of their life and then all of a sudden they’re out on their butt and can’t function in soceity because they’ve never had to before.

We used to use school and sports as life lessons to better prepare them for when they are on their own.  Now we just use them to boost the egos of the parents.  When the kid cares less about winning or losing the sport they are playing in then the parents do, we have a major problem. 

As Zach Even-Esh said the the best.  This is nothing but the Pussification of America.  We do everything we can so that we don’t offend or exclude anybody because that stifles their creativity and blah, blah, blah.  What that really does is creates an entire generation who are so scared of HARD WORK that it’s pathetic!  Our families, teachers and coaches have all messed up big time.  They have their kids beleiving that they are entitled to everything in this world because of their “talent”.  Guess where tons of talent + zero work get ya, NOWHERE!

People, kids especially, have no coping skills anymore.  Since when is not having the newest IPod or designer jeans cause for wailing like it’s the end of the world?  Since when is having to bust your ass and fight for a position on the team a bad thing?  We’ve instilled this ridiculous idea in their heads that if you have to work for something then you aren’t deserving of it.  Everyone is so concerned with their kid being a “natural” at school or on the feild that the kids thinks that if it doesn’t come right away then you should just quit.  That’s why we have kids that are more violent then ever and also why compared to the rest of the world we’re merely average on an intellectual level. 

Since when did AMERICA become just America?  When did we stop demanding the best no matter what and start feeling like we were entitled to something merely because of where we were born?  It’s time we got back to our roots and got our hand dirty.  It’s time we stopped be self-righteous spectators and tire kickers and got our asses back to work!  I’ll take the “no talent” fire eaters and daredevils willing to bust their ass and lay it all out on the line even though they might lose over all of you who are to “talented” to try.

“You never fail until you stop trying.” — Albert Einstein
Instead we’ve turned it into “You can’t fail if you don’t try”.  I’m going to wrap up this rant but I’m going to leave you with one question.  If you learn more from losing then you do from winning, why are we tryin to make everyone a winner?

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