3 Kings Part 2: The Squat

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Back in Part 1 I started talking about the 3-4 most efficient exercises you can do in the gym no matter if you are trying to be a better athlete, build some muscle or drop some fat.

In part two here I’m going over what could arguably me moved to #1 if I wanted: The Barbell Squat.  Hands down this is one of the most productive exercises that can be done in the gym.  It builds leg strength, abdominal stability, upper back strength, mental toughness, and mental focus all in 1 exercise.  Most will skip this exercise in favor of some sort of crappy machine like the leg press, leg extension/curl, or the hack squat.  While you can build some leg size on those machines (primarily the leg press/hack squat, stay as far from the leg extension/curl machines as possible) it’s going to take more time and it’s far less badass.  If I’m going to be lifting I’m picking the most potent exercises I can to reach whatever goal I have the quickest.  No matter what goal I’ve had, barbell squats have been a part of it.


In that video you see me box squatting to a parallel box as well as to a box what was well below parallel.  One of the reasons I really prefer the box squat over a regular squat is because it forces you to hit the right depth on every single rep and it places the work primarily on the hamstrings and glutes which is where it needs to be.  You can also limit the hamstring involvement by using a narrower stance.  Either way though the squat builds muscle and strength in at speeds that a machine could only dream of.  You don’t have to just back squat either, you can do a front squat or a zercher squat like you’ll see in the next couple videos.



Get under the bar and get to work!

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