Pins to Pillars- Day 5

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So I’m knee deep in Pavels Pins to Pillars.  Week 1 was a little brutal just adjusting to the volume but I adapted quickly.  Missed Mondays workout so I hit it yesterday and decided to go ahead and get in this morning to get back on schedule.  Not a very bright idea but the weight was low enough that I got through it ok.  I just had to adjust my rest periods.

175 x 10 sets x 5 reps

Dips- BW x 50
Chins- BW x 40

That has been how most all of my workouts have gone.  After squats there is just not anything left for heavy movements so I’m sticking with higher reps.  I got a ‘before’ picture on Wednesday of week 1 and I’m dialing my eating in so I think the results from the next couple weeks will be pretty dramatic in terms of body comp changes.

Food Awesomeness of the Week
70% Cacao Organic Dark Chocolate
Pecan Bits

 Melt all those together for a Almond Joy type treat that’s high in quality fats and antioxidants!

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