3 Kings Part 3: The Press

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The press is the most familiar and most used (Monday is the unofficial National Bench Press Day after all) in todays gyms but it’s still screwed by by most of the people who do it.  When it comes to the press I actually divide this into two categories.  The Bench Press and the Overhead Press.  While the bench press is widely used, you don’t see many using the overhead press primarily because it’s hard and why try and put a couple hundred pounds over your head when you can just do a 25# lateral raise right?  WRONG!  If you want a bigger bench, then you gotta overhead press.  If you want huge shoulders and triceps, then you gotta overhead press.  Wanna make your abs stronger without actually working them directly, then OVERHEAD PRESS!

In this video you’ll see me cranking some overhead pressing and some 1 arm  dumbbell pressing.  Now, you may ask why I didn’t include some bench press in the video.  That’s because it’s been done before.  There are probably close to a billion bench press videos on the internet but very few 1 arm pressing variations.  The single arm dumbbell or kettlebell press can be done with any variation of the 2 arm version and can really spark new strength and muscle growth!


Now get in the gym and put some weight overhead!

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