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  This interview was done by Jen Comas over at http://www.apeaceofjen.blogspot.com/.
She has some awesome healthy recipes for anyone that’s interested!

Q&A with Michael Keck, co-founder of RedpointFitness.com.

Michael, co-founder of RedpointFitness.com, is a competitive body builder, a world record holding powerlifter, and a diet & physique manipulating genius… and that’s just what he does for fun.  
Full time he is an investment banker, financier and VP for Five Talents Financial Group with big philanthropic dreams, and has solid plans of action in place to fulfill them all.  
Oh.  And did I mention he is my fiance?  Which is why he has to play along with my interview.

Q.  You’ve manipulated your physique (and many others) time and time again.  You’ve worked with body builders, figure competitors, athletes, housewives, and everything in between.  What are the 3 most common mistakes you see people make with their diet when it comes to losing fat?
A.  Do I have to pick just three?!
Right off the top, here we go:
1. Completely crappy macro profiles.  Eat in this order: Proteins, healthy fats, carbohydrates (don’t believe the lies on your granola bar wrappers) 50/30/20 is a good starting ratio for most.
2. Cutting calories too fast, too soon! You didn’t put that spare tire on in 8 weeks, you’re not gonna lose it that quickly either!  Don’t slash your calories in half and crash your metabolism.
3. Going overboard on cardio. Look around the gym.  Who has the better physique?  The cardio queen, or the sleek, sexy cheetah in the weightroom slinging around iron with the boys? Thought so… 

Q.  Assuming somebody wants to lose fat and maintain muscle, what kind of cardio and at what duration would you recommend an average Joe/Josephine do, assuming their diet is on point?

A. For the average bear, a mix of low intensity steady state like, gasp, walking is wonderful!  Blend that with one or two days per week of hill sprints or sled dragging and you’re well on your way!  A good starting point for walking is 3-4 days per week for 30 minutes at 60-70% max heart rate.
Don’t be a doofus and do hour after hour of high intensity steady state like Spin or running for miles on end! It’s a RARE individual with better genetics than you that can do that AND look great!

Q.  If I turned your iPod on right now, what song would come up?  And if it’s Backstreet Boys, this Q&A is over.
A. Looks like this Q and A is over…best. band. ever.  They are!
Now that that’s established the real answer would be:
-Jimmy Eat World
-Death Cab for Cutie
-The Get UP Kids
All pure awesomeness!

Q.  If you could recommend somebody take only ONE supplement (not counting protein powder), what would it be and why?
A.  Fish Oil!  I prefer a high quality liquid like Carlsons, no fishy taste or smell.  If you open up your bottle of fish oil caps and it smells fishy, it’s crap and likely rancid.  Fish oil does SO many amazing things like:
Reduces inflammation, helps your joints, improves brain function, boosts the immune system, aids in fat loss, etc etc. If you’re not raking 6+ grams a day you’re missing out!

Q.  What’s in your fridge?
A.  Not much right now!  I just got back from a Mergers & Acquisitions conference in Chicago for a week and the cupboards are barren!  Normally it’d include: steak, chicken, lean ground beef, spinach, carrots, eggs, coconut oil, walnut oil, butter, almond milk, broccoli, various condiments, ice cream (gotta be honest!). I keep it pretty simple.

Q.  How you suggest a female train differently than a male, if being a lean, mean, muscle machine was the goal?
A.  Not a smidge different!  Yep, I said it.  Men and women do not need to train differently.  Given the variance in the respective sexes endocrine system, and the fact that women can typically perform more reps with a higher percentage of their overall max, the difference is fairly negligible and doesn’t really need addressed until you enter the upper echelons of competitive athletics.  You’re NOT going to get heeeyyyooooggge training like a guy ladies.  If it were truly THAT easy, you’d see a lot more big and bad dudes walking around and, well, take a glance around your gym and you’ll likely see that’s not the case!

Q.  Silly putty or Play-doh?
A. Transformers. ’nuff said.

Q.  When and where do cheat meals have a place in a fat loss diet?
A.  I think they absolutely have their place in a well structured diet. They help with the psychological aspect of dieting moreso than the physical.  I prefer to base them on bodyfat %.  Here’s a few guidelines:
Over 20%.  None. Sorry.  Get unfat first
15-20%  Once every 10-14 days.
10-15%  Once every 7-10 days.
5-10%  Once every 4-7 days.

Ladies You can add 10% bodyfat to the guys guidelines above for your schedules.

Q.  You have to eat a pizza with anchovies, or a pizza with squid ink on top.  Which one do you choose?
A.  Squid ink.  Hopefully some of it will drain off first.  Anchovies suck.

Q.  Dear Michael.  I want to get big like you.  What do I do?  Sincerely, Skinny Sam.
A.  Develop your sense of patience Sam!  Unlike what the MuscleTech adds will tell you, you’re not gonna add 35lbs of ripped powerful Muscle to your frame in six weeks. Understand it’s a process that takes years of proper programming and nutrition.  
Follow a training routine that focuses on benching, squatting, deadlifting, dips, and pull-up variations.  Ever seen a small guy bench 300lbs+ and squat/deadlift 400+?  Didn’t think so.
Keep your protein at 1.5-2g per pound of lean bodyweight and fill in the rest of your caloric needs with healthy fats around .5g per lb of lean weight.  Let the rest come from good carbs like berries, quinoa, sprouted grains and other fruits.

Q.  If you could give 3 pieces of general financial advice, what would they be?  (I’m scoring you readers some free advice!)
A.  Sneaky question!!!  Getting ahead financially CAN be simple if you’re disciplined!
1.  Pay yourself first!  Every paycheck you get 10% or more should go straight into a qualified retirement plan such as your company’s 401(k) or 403(b) if your a public sector employee. If you can’t do this, your expenses are likely out of control and you need to establish a sound budget to reign them in.
2.  Pay down the debt with the highest interest rate first and always make more than the minimum payment, even if it’s $5 more.
3.  Invest in yourself!  Take a class or read some literature to improve your skill sets to make you a more attractive and valuable employee or business owner. It’s not always about cost reduction.  Find a way to make MORE money
Here’s a Bonus!  When you get a raise, don’t spend that extra money!  Stick it in your retirement account.  You won’t miss it and you’ll be glad you’ve got it when you’re pushin’ your walker around later in life!

Q.  Crossover athletes that are successful in both body building and powerlifting are few and far between, but you’ve managed it.  Which of the two is your favorite and why?
A.  I much prefer powerlifting!  It’s completely objective; the guy that lifts the most wins, plain and simple!
They are both great sports and I’ve been blessed to be able to do both well.

Q.  Sorry Michael, but you have to live in a cabin in the hills of eastern Kentucky for 3 months by yourself.  Which 3 inanimate objects do you take with you?
A.  Wow, that’s not far off from my current life!  Inanimate huh?  Do I have food, heat and water available?  I’m gonna assume so.
I’d take:
My Bible.
My iPhone so I can keep in touch with you, my dear, and my friends/family.
My shotgun, fully loaded of course!

Q.  RedpointFitness.com is one of a kind.  The software does the work for you, tells you exactly what to eat, how much of it and even provides a weekly grocery shopping list.  No other website is capable of this.  Why do you think everybody could benefit from using RedpointFitness.com?
A.  Ready for an unbiased answer? Good!
Redpoint is revolutionary!  Our team spent 9-10 years developing this software as a service.
We have 5 different nutritional plans based on different goals, ranging from fat loss to gaining muscle to body recomposition, which is gaining muscle and losing fat simultaneously (those that say it can’t be done just don’t know how to do it!).
As a user, YOU pick the foods that YOU want to eat and the software calculates the custom amounts to the plan and calorie level you chose!  We also have a community of experts ready to answer your questions in the community section of the site!  No more going at it alone!  We offer a 7 day free trial, check it out, I guarantee it’ll be the best investment in your health you’ll ever make!

Jen: Thank you Michael for  your invaluable time!
Michael: Thank you for listening to me ramble!

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