Holiday Meltdown

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Normally the magazines wait until right before Thanksgiving to start all their holiday workout articles but I’m not waiting that long.  If you truly want to make a difference in your physique then you have to start NOW!  Peoples habits don’t actually change that much over the holidays, they just tend to eat a little bit more.  Since most peoples nutritional habits are atrocious these extra shitty calories will not only expand your waistline, it can drive your health ever farther down the toilet as well.

To help get your butts back on track I’m going to be providing some nutritional tips for making it through the holidays as well as a training program to use so that by the time all your friends are starting their New Years Resolutions, you’ll be miles ahead of them!

Eating Strategies by Holiday-


Have some freaking will power and keep your hand out of the candy bowl.  It’s as simple as that.  I’m not going to advise you to go with one candy over another.  Stay out of the damn candy!  If you really need some chocolate grab some 85% or higher dark chocolate to nibble on.


If you have some will power and the ability to plan ahead you can still eat the good stuff you love without killing your diet.

Strategy #1- Limit overall calories and stay very strict with a balanced diet (meat, nuts, fruits, veggies only) in the week or two leading up to the day you are getting together and then have fun that day.  If you are eating a balanced diet and eating fairly low calories (this part is key) then the extra calories and “fun” foods can actually help boost your metabolism.  The key to this is to limit it to one day and keep your diet balanced throughout that day.  Get plenty of meat and veggies along with your cake and pie!

Strategy #2- If you aren’t interested in manipulating your diet for the week or two prior to celebrating with the family then you have to really focus on what you eat on that day.  Limit your eating to meat, veggies, nuts, and some fruit.  No cake, no pie, no cookies.  Also stay away from the breads and rolls as well.  My family usually has some kind of punch and some other calorie loaded drinks and they need to be avoided.  Liquid calories are an absolute waste because they don’t fill you up and usually wreak havoc on your blood sugar levels.

If you are someone who celebrates with both sides of your family on separate days then you have a choice to make.  If they are a week or more apart then you can stick with either of the above strategies.  If they are just a day or so apart then you can have fun at one or the other, not both. 

New Years


What people usually run into with New Years is that they just got done blasting themselves into a sugar-induced coma and then a couple days later they drink themselves into a bumbling mess.  Keep your alcohol consumption to a minimum for the evening and don’t snack on anything while you drink.  Go out, have your balanced meal earlier in the evening and stay away from the pretzels and other snacks.  Alcohol totally screws up your blood sugar levels which makes you think you are hungry but all the calories you take in while drinking are more then likely just going to be going straight to fat storage!

Here’s an interesting fact: The average weight gain over the holidays is only 1 pound.  The problem is that very few people actually lose that extra pound and keep it off!  They may lose 5-6 pounds during January and February but by the time the holidays roll around again they’re right back where they started with that extra pound from the previous years festivities.  Multiply that by 30-40 years and you have and extra 30-40 pounds of pure FAT that you don’t want or need.

Stay tuned in the next week for the program…

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