Exercise 2 Try: Renegade Rows

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The Exercise 2 Try (E2T) series is something new I’m going to be posting. Look for this 1-2 times per month to help add variety to your training.

Since ab training is all anyone talks about in regards to fitness and my last post was over training economy, I thought I’d wrap them up into one post.  A couple of months back I was reading an article over at Mike Robertsons site about using kettlebells for powerlifting.  One of those exercises was the Renegade Row.

At first glance I didn’t put much stock in this exercise.  Get into a push up position with dumbbells/kettlebells and pick them up off the floor? No problem.  Until I actually tried it.  The first time I tried it I was using 30# dumbbells and I couldn’t get them off the ground.  I had to go down to just picking one hand up off the floor to start.  So far the highest I’ve gotten is 55#’s for 5 reps on each side.  The beauty of this exercise is that you are working dynamic abdominal stability, shoulder/elbow/wrist stability, and back strength all at once.  In order to get your hand, dumbbell, or kettlebell off the ground you have to be able to produce tension from your shoulders to your feet and be able to maintain it throughout the duration of the movement.

This is applicable not only to building a higher powerlifting total but for anyone who is looking to alleviate back pain and improve their posture.  Here are some videos to check out:

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