Supplement Recommendations

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I get a lot of questions from people about where to buy supplements or what supplements I take.

99% of all the supplements I take come straight from True  They aren’t your typical supplement company in that they are a wholesaler.  You’re not paying for labels or ads or gimmicks.  You pay for what you get.  They have nearly anything you can think of and you can mix your own supplement and protein blends to your exact specifications.

As a bonus for using them use my discount code JPT676 at checkout and get 5% off your order.

All the other supplements I get come from  If you want the name brand products you love at the best prices hit them up!

EDIT: In my haste of posting it seems I forgot part of my supplement recommendations.

If you’re looking for great service and great prices check out Jason Rule and his guys at the GNC in Hays Kansas.  You can stop in or call them at (785) 625 6330 to place a phone order.  If you are stopping in and want to save some cash on non-GNC brand products then go online to your favorite supplement dealer, print out the price page for the supplements you want, bring it in and they’ll do what they can to match that price!

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