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I’m going to keep my meet prep log on here for everyone to see and follow along with.

BW: 211

Training Maxes:




I plan on lifting in the 198 weight class for the NASA meet at the end of March.  My diet isn’t anything special, just keeping my meals balanced and eating for recovery.  I am experimenting with some unconventional weight loss techniques that have nothing to do with food so I’ll keep you all updated as to whether or not they are working in the next couple of weeks.  My supplements are just some Vit D, a multi, and some digestive support.  I’m kind leaning more towards all whole foods for right now until I start working again.

My training template is still Wendlers 5/3/1 for powerlifting from this article.  I’m not doing a dedicated OH pressing day to aid recovery and because the guys I train with don’t train in our normal spot on Tuesdays.  Here is what my basic layout will look like.

Monday- Squat

Tuesday- Sled Drag/Hill Runs

Wednesday- Off

Thursday- Bench

Friday- Deadlift

Saturday- Sled Drag/Hill Run

Sunday- Off

Since the weather is all over the place I’ll drag the sled when I can if it’s not muddy or the hill I run is paved so I can do what whenever.  My accessory movements will be limited to 1-2 movements per session along with an ab exercise.


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