Training Update

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I was supposed to squat Friday but I was feeling a little burned out and we had some friends in town so my wife and I went out to eat with them.  Since I haven’t had several weeks of hard training back to back for awhile and since I sucked it up benching Thursday I used Friday-Sunday as a mini-deload.  Sunday I headed out and ran some hills again.  They were only about 70-80% but I ran them back to back with the only rest being the walk back down the hill.  I was contemplating trying to make up my deadlifts from Friday but I’m going to pass on it and just pick up where I need to be.  This week will be 3 x 5 with just the requisite reps for my 3 main lifts.  I’ll add a little volume with my accessory lifts.

I’m slowly ramping up the volume of the hills I’m running.  I ran 10 the first day, 11 yesterday, and next time I’ll hit 12 of those bad boys.  When I get up to around 20 I’ll drop back down to 10 hills with 3-4 being a full out sprint.  I miss having the conditioning I had when I was playing sports in high school so I’ve got to work on my badassery a little bit at a time.  Now if I could only grow a decent beard….

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