Spot Reduction 2.0

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I’ve always believed that spot reduction was a giant scam.  Since weight loss is systemic (meaning that your body will pull from any available energy source, not just a specific area) it’s always been my experience that with fat loss, your arms and legs will lose fat first and your midsection last.  However, I read a couple articles recently about applicable ways to achieve the mythical spot reduction.

Article #1- Spot Reduction Revisited by Tim Ferris

Article #2- Spot Reduction is Real by Lonnie Lowery

If you have the money then the product that Tim recommends could be a viable solution.  If not, then the method that Dr. Lowery is prescribing is definitely worth a shot.  Personally, however, I just don’t like crunches.  There isn’t anything special about the crunches he is using.  It’s just a way to elevate the blood flow to your abs to increase fat burning in that area.  I would actually prefer you used something like the ab wheel, planks, pallof presses, or the turkish get up to name a few.  Anything that stresses your abs and increases blood flow will work just fine.

Now keep in mind, these are NOT magical fixes.  You are not going to have as six pack if your legs and but still jiggle with every single step you take.  You can’t each whatever the hell you feel like, half ass it in the gym, and count on these two strategies to get you lean.  These are only ways to enhance what you are already doing so proceed with an open mind and don’t be afraid to experiment.

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