Tired & Wired

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Do you drink coffee every morning?

Do you HAVE to have your coffee before you can wake up in the morning?

How many cups of joe or energy drinks do you need just to get through your day?

On top of all THAT, do you have to have some caffeine/1,3 dimethylamylamine/PEA laden preworkout drink in order to train?

Personally, I don’t want how well I do something to be completely dependent on whether I’ve had my NO-Xplode or not. I’ve talked to far to many people who blame crappy results (from their crappy nutrition and training) in the gym on whatever supplement they are taking at the time. Even worse are these geniuses that take 2-3 times the recommended dose on stim heavy supplements because “It just isn’t working like it used to.”

It’s time someone pulled their head out and realized that there is a point of diminished returns with supplements in general, but especially with stimulants. The chronic use of caffeine and other stims can literally make your CNS dependent on them in order to function. When that happens your strength levels will drop off, you’ll be incredibly insulin resistant, and when you aren’t loaded with stims your energy levels will suck in ways you can’t imagine. On top of that it will throw all your adrenal hormones out of wack and mess with your sleep. All this leads to a vicious cycle where your take a ton of stims to get through the day and to train. Then your sleep patterns get jacked up leaving you tired and un-recovered. To combat that you take even more stims and so on. If you are on this path then it’s time to get back on the right track.

For one, you need to drop all the stims immediately. This can leave you in a daze that can make you feel like hell. To combat this you can use a couple grams of ALCAR or L-Tyrosine throughout the day. A dose of 1-2 grams, once or twice a day will help a lot.

The second thing you need to do is back off the heavy or intense training for a week or so. Take your reps a little higher, keep the weights lighter, and give your body time to reset itself.

Third, is SLEEP. Sleep is by far the most underrated aspect of performance and recovery out there today. The basics of getting quality sleep are pretty simple. The room should be pitch black. Sleep for at least 8 hours. No TV or computer time for at least 1 hour or more before bed. Try to eat as far away from when you are laying down to sleep as you can. Sleep is the great equalizer and reset button for the body. We spend anywhere from 12-18 hours per day beating ourselves up and only giving our bodies about 6 hours per night of piss poor quality sleep to recover from it. I don’t care of your goal is strength, weight loss, general health, or whatever. Sleep MUST be optimized to get where you want to go.

If we manage out supplement intake and take them as we should they can be an amazing for our performance. When we rely on them to do everything for us, they’ll turn around and bite us in the ass quickly.

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