Quick Update

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I haven’t done any type of dedicated physical exercise since Saturday and it sucks lol.  I know I need the time off but damn it’s hard not to do something.  After digging around I think I figured out what is wrong with “pec”.  I put pec in quotes because I think it’s actually the muscles that attaches my first rib to the collar bone.  I’m not sure what I did to strain it but until yesterday it still wasn’t feeling any better.  I decided to try some trigger point release using a tennis ball and that seems to help so I’ll be doing that a couple times per day over the next few days.

My diet has been mediocre this week.  Most everything I’ve eaten has been good quality but last night we splurged and rocked out with some Little Ceasars pizza.  My weight had been holding fairly steady at 206 this week but yesterday morning I was 201.  Not sure what the heck happened which is why we went ahead with they pizza last night.  Didn’t get a dry BW this morning though.

I would like to try and get a new training cycle posted up but about May 1st the gym will be opening and I’m going to be busy as hell between hustling in the gym and working in the bar.  These next couple weeks I’ll be training where I’ve been at for the past couple months but after that I’ll probably have to get most of my workouts in out at Great Life.

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