Bench Training Day 2

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FB Bench-
160 x 5
190 x 5
215 x 5

Neutral Grip Chins- BW x a bunch
DB OH Press- 45 x 10, 8, 6, 6
BB Rollouts- 3 x 10

I jumped back and forth between the chins and OH presses a lot. There isn’t a pull up bar in the gym so I put our swiss bar over the top of one of the racks and used that.

Training Update

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I was supposed to squat Friday but I was feeling a little burned out and we had some friends in town so my wife and I went out to eat with them.  Since I haven’t had several weeks of hard training back to back for awhile and since I sucked it up benching Thursday I used Friday-Sunday as a mini-deload.  Sunday I headed out and ran some hills again.  They were only about 70-80% but I ran them back to back with the only rest being the walk back down the hill.  I was contemplating trying to make up my deadlifts from Friday but I’m going to pass on it and just pick up where I need to be.  This week will be 3 x 5 with just the requisite reps for my 3 main lifts.  I’ll add a little volume with my accessory lifts.

I’m slowly ramping up the volume of the hills I’m running.  I ran 10 the first day, 11 yesterday, and next time I’ll hit 12 of those bad boys.  When I get up to around 20 I’ll drop back down to 10 hills with 3-4 being a full out sprint.  I miss having the conditioning I had when I was playing sports in high school so I’ve got to work on my badassery a little bit at a time.  Now if I could only grow a decent beard….

Bench Day

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Day 2-

FB Bench-
170 x 3
200 x 3
235 x 1

Pendlay Row-
155 x 8
165 x 8
175 x 8
185 x 8

Paused Incline DB Press-
55 x 10
65 x 5, 5, 5, 3

Knees to Bows-
BW x 10, 8, 4

I screwed up my weights for the bench.  The last set was supposed to be 225 x 3.

Current Training

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I’m going to keep my meet prep log on here for everyone to see and follow along with.

BW: 211

Training Maxes:




I plan on lifting in the 198 weight class for the NASA meet at the end of March.  My diet isn’t anything special, just keeping my meals balanced and eating for recovery.  I am experimenting with some unconventional weight loss techniques that have nothing to do with food so I’ll keep you all updated as to whether or not they are working in the next couple of weeks.  My supplements are just some Vit D, a multi, and some digestive support.  I’m kind leaning more towards all whole foods for right now until I start working again.

My training template is still Wendlers 5/3/1 for powerlifting from this article.  I’m not doing a dedicated OH pressing day to aid recovery and because the guys I train with don’t train in our normal spot on Tuesdays.  Here is what my basic layout will look like.

Monday- Squat

Tuesday- Sled Drag/Hill Runs

Wednesday- Off

Thursday- Bench

Friday- Deadlift

Saturday- Sled Drag/Hill Run

Sunday- Off

Since the weather is all over the place I’ll drag the sled when I can if it’s not muddy or the hill I run is paved so I can do what whenever.  My accessory movements will be limited to 1-2 movements per session along with an ab exercise.

F***K Mediocrity

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I was listening to the radio a couple days ago and the DJ was talking about some article he found on how to lose weight for your New Years “Resolution”.  A couple were decent such as dropping soda and other calorie containing beverages but the rest were crap like this:

“Eat 3 less bites of every meal you eat.”

“If you are eating pizza order it without cheese.”

“Stand instead of sitting when you can.”

Seriously!? When did standing become considered as exercise?

We have become a nation of people that will half-ass absolutely anything that we can.  Why do it right and get the full results when we can do just the bare minimum and get a small portion of the results.  This type of shit drives me INSANE.  You hear it all the time from people in the gym who have these ridiculous goals but don’t want to actually put in any work to get them.  One classic example is the guy who wants to be strong, but not to strong.  What the hell is to strong? The day where someone actually defines “to strong” is the day I give up training and take up profession kite flying.  What they’re really saying is this, “I want to be strong without actually trying hard.”

To quote one of my favorite movies, “It flabbergasts me when you say things like that.” (Pineapple Express)

Another thing that bugs me is when someone who is training for fat loss won’t lift weights because they don’t want to look like a bodybuilder.  This is most common in women because when they think of lifting weights they think of this:

Instead of this:

Picture and stats taken from Elitefts.com


This bottom picture is of Hannah Johnson who is a very well known POWERLIFTER.  Her best numbers so far are:

Weight Classes: 148
Best Squat: 450lb
Best Bench: 300lb
Best Deadlift: 450lb
Best Total: 1200lb

Despite packing more power than a barrel full of gun powder I would have to say she sure as hell doesn’t look like a bodybuilder!

Here’s what I need from all of you who are reading.  What are you going to do in 2011 that is going to kick mediocrity out the door for good?  This doesn’t have to just be about training either.  It can be anything in your life that you want to change for the better.

2011 Goals

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I want to put down my professional and training goals down for everyone to see to keep me accountable.


Since my wife and I just moved I’m kind of in limbo right now.  Right not my primary goal is to get my own training facility going by July 1st.  Other then that I want to get my blog all set up like I want it by that time as well.  I’ll be adding an email newsletter, more videos and posting articles more consistently over the coming months.


Now that I am in an area with some like minded people, at least in terms of training, I’ll be able to be more consistent.  March 26th I’ll be competing in my first powerlifting competition.  Other then that I’m going to hit my first 315 pound bench, 400 squat, and 400 deadlift by the December 1st, 2011.

I’m also making a physique goal of getting to 10% body fat.  I don’t care about my weight, but I want to be LEAN.

Cavo Profundus

Supplement Recommendations

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I get a lot of questions from people about where to buy supplements or what supplements I take.

99% of all the supplements I take come straight from True Protein.com.  They aren’t your typical supplement company in that they are a wholesaler.  You’re not paying for labels or ads or gimmicks.  You pay for what you get.  They have nearly anything you can think of and you can mix your own supplement and protein blends to your exact specifications.

As a bonus for using them use my discount code JPT676 at checkout and get 5% off your order.

All the other supplements I get come from bodysbestsupplements.com.  If you want the name brand products you love at the best prices hit them up!

EDIT: In my haste of posting it seems I forgot part of my supplement recommendations.

If you’re looking for great service and great prices check out Jason Rule and his guys at the GNC in Hays Kansas.  You can stop in or call them at (785) 625 6330 to place a phone order.  If you are stopping in and want to save some cash on non-GNC brand products then go online to your favorite supplement dealer, print out the price page for the supplements you want, bring it in and they’ll do what they can to match that price!

Driven Training Openings

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Not that kind of trainer.

I have 5 diet/training spots open for anyone who is interested.  For prices email me at driventraining@yahoo.com.

Merry Christmas!

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I love the holidays!

I just wanted to wish everyone reading a safe and happy Christmas! Remember, Christmas is not about the gifts you get or the gifts you give. It’s about the people you share it with. See you guys next year!

Beyond Training Economy

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We usually talk about things like squats, deadlifts, dips, pullups, sleds and the prowler when it comes to training economy but what gets left out is the warm up.  The warm up must be as efficient and well planned as your training session or you are going to lose valuable time and energy.

No, not THAT kind of warm up...

Most of the “warm ups” you see in the gym involve some sort of cardio machine, some light machine exercises, walking, and swinging of an appendage across their body.  Even worse are the ones that jump straight onto the bench or squat rack and just start throwing weight on the bar and lifting.  This doesn’t prepare your body for anything other than sitting back down on the couch to play your X-box some more.  A quality warm up is essential for a couple different reasons.

1. CNS Activation

2. Muscle Group/Muscle Fiber Recruitment

3. Joint Mobility

4. Elevated Blood Flow

5. Mentally Prepare for Lifting

6. Movement Mastery

All those add up in to the biggest reason of all, INJURY PREVENTION!  If you are getting injured every other time you walk into the gym then you aren’t going to to make any type of gains whatsoever.

Epic Fail

Depending on the person, warm ups can move you a long way towards your goals.  For instance, I’ve been working with a personal training client who’s primary goal was fat loss.  At the time we started she had been working a very sedentary job for several years (lots and lots of sitting) and had a kid just about a year prior to starting with me.  While she had lost the weight she gained from her pregnancy on her own she still had a long way to go to get back to where she was in her cheerleading days.  As a result of the weight gain over the past 4 years, the complete lack of exercise, and the sitting all day at her job, there were some major strength and movement deficiencies.  She wanted to lose weight, get stronger, and be able to MOVE when this was all over.  The immediate problems we had to address were the lack of mobility and work capacity which we integrated into her workout.  Here is what a typical workout looked like for her the first couple of weeks.

Warm Up:

Walk Squats x 60 ft (step, squat, repeat)

Elevated Push Up x 10

Lunges x 60 ft

Elevated Push Up x 10


15# KB Row/BW Box Squat/Band Chest Press x 10 reps x 3 rounds

15# KB Swing/OH 10# KB Press/Band Row x 10 reps x 3 rounds

That’s it.  Even the most basic bodyweight movement was a challenge.  As we weeks progressed we slowly added some volume to the warm up and overall workout as well as weight to the KB lifts.  About 3 weeks in she was deadlifting the 30# KB for 5-10 reps.  Now, about 10 weeks later, here is what her workouts look like.

Warm Up:

Walk Squats x 80 ft

TRX Push Up x 10

TRX Inverted Row x 10

Jumping Jacks x 20

Jump Rope x 25

Walking Lunge x 80 ft

TRX Push Up x 10

TRX Inverted Row x 10

Seal Jacks x 20

Jump Rope x 25


15# KB Pressing Ladder- 2,3,4,5,6 super set with 30# KB Swing- 10, 10, 10, 10, 10

30# KB Swing Walks- 20 ft super set with TRX Inverted Rows- 6 (4 rounds)

Leg Matrix (Squat x 20 sec, Squat Hold x 20 sec, Squat Jump x 20 sec, repeat. Total 2 minutes) x 1

By adding some specific movements to her warm up (as she was ready for them) we take care of all the different categories I listed above and leave the workout specifically for strength training and a little metabolic conditioning.  That workout took about 45 minutes and it would have been less then that except for some questions I answered in the middle of the session.  Now, her push ups and rows in the inverted rows aren’t with her body parallel to the floor, but each session she works down a little farther.  When I drop the reps down low like we did for that second circuit, she walks her feet down even further.  It’s all about progression!

Here are some other great modalities and ideas to include in your warm up.