Before - After

“Uncommon techniques, extraordinary results” – I find that simple yet true statement to summarize Trey’s program.  When I first started working with Trey I was overweight, tired, and unmotivated.  I committed to twice a week for 8-weeks.  In addition to training, Trey provided a comprehensive diet plan.  After 8-weeks, I was energized, had lost many pounds and many inches and I was so pleased with the results that I committed to 8 more weeks.  I feel Trey has provided me with tools I will be able to use to maintain my weight loss once we’re done.” – Kelley Drake

Before - After

“With help from Trey it’s never to late to start working out! As a person in her 60’s I started with very little strength and I was amazed at how quickly I gained strength, balance, and stamina.  Trey works with me on my own level and challenges me to build steadily.  I lost considerable inches, about 10 pounds and really improved endurance in 8 weeks.  Trey is truly a professional in his approach and keeps the sessions exciting by never repeating the same moves from time to time.  I am very happy with the results and am continuing to train with Trey for another 2 months.-Carrie Martin


I was a cardio fanatic, doing hours of cardio a week with very little strength training.  I thought I was doing good, as I would switch it up every couple of weeks doing different machines.  But inevitably, I hit the big plateau.  I was stuck and discouraged.  That’s when I decided to try Driven Body Boot Camp and I love it.  I was spending 1 ½ hours 5 days a week doing cardio, now I spend 1 ½ hours a week strength training.  Not only have I seen results in inches and the way my clothes fit, but my muscle tone is really popping! Trey Potter’s Boot Camp is fun, fast and very, motivating.  His training in and out of the gym is above and beyond what any other trainer has offered me.  Trey is inspirational, dedicated, disciplined and patient.  And for that, me and my waistline thank him. Penny Bettles

“Trey’s personal training program will provide you with the results you desire. I began training with Trey to lose weight and tone up for my wedding. Trey designed a program for me that aligned directly with my personal goals in mind. He also offered assistance helping me to maintain a healthy diet, increase energy levels, and he was able to provide me with tips to manage stress. In addition, Trey also was flexible in creating workout times to fit my busy schedule. Trey mixes up the workouts to keep the them exciting. I was very impressed by Trey’s knowledge level and professional approach to his personal training program. I encourage everyone to take time and train with Trey to make your goals become reality.”Gidget Dinkel

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